AZCO Industries is a privately owned and operated company specializing in the research, development and manufacturing of unique, industrial grade, pulse injected Corona Discharge Ozone Generators. Other AZCO products include: automatic air dryers, system controllers, mixing tanks and related equipment. AZCO Industries Limited has earned its quality reputation by providing ozone application engineering solutions for since 1975. We specialize in both local and international solutions, cooperating with distributers worldwide. Our products are implimented all over the world.

AZCO Industries is located in Langley, a suburb of beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, on the Pacific Coast of Canada. Please feel free to call us and arrange a meeting if you ever find yourself on this side of the Pacific Rim.


  • Excellent Engineering support and After-sale Support. Free engineering support on the first three projects with each new dealer.
  • Specific project Engineering Specifications are provided to local Engineering companies.
  • 1-3 weeks delivery on medium-size, customized systems, up to 10 weeks on large customized systems
  • No salesmen are employed at our company (nobody is paid for making sales); only qualified engineers paid hourly for the above services. This way we assure that our dealers are successful.
  • Honest competitive prices.
  • Extensive industry experience, we have been providing ozone solutions since 1975.
  • Your calls are always welcome.


Insight into distinctives that make AZCO Systems so popular:

  • Correct sizing of units for any given system design.
  • Quick unplugging and repair while the rest of the system continues operating

Quality components
  • High purity quartz and only 316 Stainless steel are used in the ozone cell.
  • Kynar and Teflon are the only materials used where in contact with ozone.
  • Air dryers use Stainless steel heating elements and don't need compressors because they work on vacuum (thus eliminating noise, oil contamination, and the possibility of ozone leaks)
  • Everything is assembled from Solid State electronics except for the mechanical fan which has a 100,000 hour life (~11.5 years non-stop)

Comprehensive Service

  • Our goal is to promote your long term success and patronage rather than the quick sell.
  • We have been in the ozonation business for over 30 years